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Product Portfolio



The Daikin ALTHERMA range of air source heat pumps from Radical Energy represent the most flexible range of products from any manufacturer within the industry. Regardless of whether your property may be a an ultra modern new-build eco home with underfloor heating or you are retro-fitting the heating system of an old Victorian building with cast iron radiators there is a Daikin ALTHERMA solution to meet your needs. The quality of all Daikin air source heat pumps is beyond question having some of the most technologically-advanced functionality available. Variable heat output from the modulating inverter driven compressor is where the Daikin ALTHERMA range stands out from the crowd. Coupled to this, weather compensation control and an efficient auto-defrosting cycle make these systems an excellent robust heating package all year round.  

With all our Daikin ALTHERMA systems you can rest assure that each is backed by one of the most well-respected manufacturers in terms of product design, quality of manufacture and warranty backup across any sector.    

Daikin ALTHERMA Low Temperature Systems

Available as “split” or “monobloc” packages our Daikin ALTHERMA low temperature heating systems are an ideal solution for new-build and well-insulated properties, whether they are coupled to underfloor heating or low temperature radiators. A low temperature system can satisfy the most demanding hot water and central heating demand from virtually any property. The outdoor units are some of the quietest products available thereby not causing a significant noise nuisance. In practical terms feedback from our customers has always been that it is surprising how little can be heard from standing very close to the heat pump. Daikin ALTHERMA low temperature air source heat pumps from Radical Energy are virtually maintenance free and are hermetically sealed from the elements therefore providing decades of reliable performance in any heating system.

Daikin ALTHERMA High Temperature (HT) Systems

Daikin ALTHERMA high temperature (HT) “split” systems from Radical Energy are a truly unique heating solution. Ideal for retrospective installations into existing properties they are able to achieve flow temperatures as high as 80oC, similar to gas/ oil boiler heating systems. This gives exceptional hot water delivery rates whilst being able to be run on existing central heating radiator circuits. To achieve such high flow temperatures a patented twin-stage “cascade” heat pump arrangement is used, removing the need for an electrical backup system during periods of extremely low outdoor temperatures. The Daikin Altherma high temperature heat pumps are a world’s first and an ideal system to minimise the disruption of changing the existing heating configuration.