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Product Portfolio


LG Solar

LG Solar photovoltaic (PV) solar panels represent some of the most efficient and best-engineered products in the industry.  Manufactured from high purity mono-crystalline silicon wafers, their efficiencies are some of the highest in class, as determined in independent testing laboratories.

All LG Solar PV products are Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved products.

LG Solar PV panels are truly “fit and forget” with no annual maintenance required. The electrical output from every LG PV panel is guaranteed for 25 years and with a life expectancy of beyond 50 years there is really no barrier to prevent investing in the technology. 

We are quite often asked “How long do the PV panels take to recover the energy it took to manufacture them?” We would say approximately 18 months which we believe is a relatively short period compared with the lifetime of the panels. 

For those customers looking for a sleeker roofline, as an option Radical Energy can install roof-integrated systems which are virtually flush with the existing roof. As with all our installations, you can be assured all products used are the best quality and most efficient available on the market. This includes the use of industry-leading SMA Sunnyboy “grid-tied” inverter systems. By combining SMA inverters with our LG Solar PV panels means we can achieve the highest possible power output from every installation. 

Whether you are planning a small domestic or large commercial installation please contact us to find out how Solar PV systems can help you generate your own sustainable electricity.