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Heat Pumps

Utilising “low grade” heat stored in the ground or from the atmosphere is a perfect way to satisfy the heat demand for virtually any building. Whereas a typical condensing fossil fuel boiler may convert 80-90% of the available energy into useful heat, both ground and air source heat pumps are much more efficient with maximum efficiencies of up to 500% (Coefficients of Performance (COP) value of 5), depending on conditions.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?Heat pump schematic


Whether it is a ground or air source heat pump the operating principle is exactly the same; heat is taken from the ground or air and used to boil a refrigerant liquid to produce a gas. This “warm” refrigerant gas is compressed using an electric-driven compressor to increase the temperature further still. At this point heat from this “hot” gas is transferred to the heating system (50-60oC) serving the central heating and hot water supply of the building. This cycle means a large proportion of the energy supplying the central heating and hot water comes from either the ground or the air and a relatively small amount of electricity is required to drive the compressor, making the process very efficient. Although the operation of a heat pump requires electricity, by using “green tariffs” from your electricity supplier it is feasible to reduce your carbon footprint to a very low level. 

Due to the simple operation and their “closed-loop” arrangement, ground source and air source heat pumps require little if, any maintenance, throughout their lifetime and can be expected to last for 20-25 years.


Ground Source Heat Pumps


Since the ground temperature remains fairly constant all year, round ground source heat pumps (GSHP) typically tend to operate more efficiently than an equivalent air source heat pump. The ground collector loops for a ground source heat pump can be laid in trenches, boreholes or water courses depending on site conditions. Radical Energy supply and install NIBE and Mitsubishi Electric ground source heat pumps as these are amongst the best products on the market. 


Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) represent an excellent method of satisfying heat demand where ground/ site conditions do not allow installation of a ground source heat pump. Since no groundwork is involved when installing air source heat pumps they represent a much more affordable system and are well-suited for retrospective installations into an existing heating system. Radical Energy supply and install Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan and NIBE as their preferred air source heat pumps products. Both manufacturers have an excellent reputation in the industry and give flexibility when used on specific projects.   

Please browse through our ground source and air source heat pump pages to see what products we offer and contact us should you require any further information for your specific application.