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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating offers the ultimate in comfortable living space and work environments. Our underfloor heating installations provide an invisible, silent form of heating with greater comfort levels when compared with traditional radiator heating systems. 

Complementing the range of renewable energy heating solutions we offer, underfloor heating can improve the operating efficiency of your system, reducing both carbon emissions and running costs, particularly when used in conjunction with ground and air source heat pumps. To achieve higher efficiencies lower flow temperatures are utilised offering safer, more even space heating compared to conventional radiators. Underfloor heating gives a much greater proportion of radiant heat, meaning the heat within each room stays within the habitable volume of the building rather than rising by convection to the ceiling.  

Radical Energy are approved installers of Uponor underfloor heating systems. Using Uponor systems enables us to offer flexible heating design tailored to our client’s specification. For more information please refer to the Underfloor Heating section in our Product Portfolio to find out more about the service we offer.  

Wet underfloor heating systems are ideal for new-build applications although we can fit them into retrospective projects with the range of installation methods in which our engineers specialise. We can advise as to the correct finished floor coverings to use with each installation to optimise the performance of the system. If you are planning or have a specific project on which you would like some advice please contact us to discuss your requirements as we are only too happy to help.