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Solar Thermal

Solar thermal collector panels are an established technology in the UK. Typically they utilise energy from the sun to provide domestic hot water to a building. Although the UK is not thought of as receiving much sun we still receive 75% of the solar radiation received by countries located on the equator. Depending on the system design, a solar thermal system can provide 70-80% of a building’s annual domestic hot water requirement.

There are generally two common types of solar thermal panels available; flat plate and evacuated tube collectors. Hot water from the solar collectors are fed into a hot water cylinder from which hot water is drawn off on demand. For larger solar arrays this can also provide a contribution to central heating as well as other uses, such as heating swimming pools. Radical Energy can integrate a solar thermal system into your existing fossil fuel heating system to provide hot water back-up over the winter months when there is little solar energy available. Alternatively let us design a solar thermal system coupled with any of our renewable technologies, such as biomass boilers or ground/ air source heat pumps to reduce your carbon footprint further still. 

Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collectors 

The advantage of using flat plate solar collectors is that they are generally more robust, more cost-effective and have a slimmer roofline profile than evacuated tube collectors. To make the roofline smoother still Radical Energy can integrate flat plate collectors into the roof so they are virtually flush with the roofing tiles for improved aesthetics. 

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

Evacuated tube solar panels offer higher efficiencies (typically 30% higher) than flat plate collectors inherent in their design. On days with increased cloud cover they are particularly effective at harnessing the sun’s energy and practically unaffected by wind or rain, therefore ideal for the UK climate.  

Radical Energy installs solar thermal systems from Thermomax (Kingspan Solar) and SchÜco. Manufactured in the UK and Germany respectively, these panels are highly-regarded, established products which are also eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which gives a healthy return on your investment. Please browse through our Product Portfolio and Grants/ Funding section for further information. Whatever your application please contact us for further assistance as we will happily advise as to which products are right for you.