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Why Use Wood as a Fuel? 

Biomass used as a fuel is considered to be “carbon neutral”. That is to say any CO2 released during combustion of the wood is balanced by the fact the same amount of CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere by the wood in order to grow. 

After thousands of years of using wood as a primary source of heating in the UK, we have in more recent times exploited an increasing proportion of fossil fuel natural resources to support our modern lifestyles.  In recent years we have seen the resurgence in the use of wood-fuelled appliances including log wood, woodchip and wood pellet boilers and space heaters. We are beginning to see our woodlands and national forests becoming more effectively managed while at the same time benefitting the local economy.

In general, biomass boilers work by burning the wood fuel at high output to maintain optimum efficiency, then storing the heated water produced in an accumulator or buffer tank. Central heating and hot water requirements for the building are then drawn upon from this accumulator store.  

Biomass Boilers for Central Heating and Hot Water

Radical Energy is proud to offer a range of wood gasification biomass boilers from HDG Bavaria. Manufactured in Germany to exacting standards, our experience shows their log, wood chip and wood pellet boilers represent the most reliable and innovative products on the market today. They deliver a winning combination of high efficiency, low maintenance and longevity unmatched by other manufacturers. With efficiencies of greater than 90% being easily achieved across the range, they represent some of the cleanest-burning boilers available. With typical design life of 25 years you can rest-assured the carbon footprint involved in the manufacturing process across its lifetime is kept to a minimum. Please browse though our HDG page for further information.

Biomass Heaters for Commercial Space Heating

For business customers looking to provide space heating at an affordable cost we offer a range of space heaters manufactured by Fabbri. These air to air heaters are suitable for joinery wood waste, simple to operate with minimal moving parts and will give many years of reliable service. Please look through our Fabbri page for further information.

With a winning formula of good quality fuel supplies and clean-burning boilers/ space heaters, there has never been a better time to convert your energy supply to biomass. With a biomass system from Radical Energy, whether your project is domestic or commercial, our installations provide an economical and ethical method of heating virtually any building. Please browse through our biomass pages to find out which product is right for you or contact us for further information.