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Solar Photovoltaic

Generating electricity harnessed from sunlight provides an inexhaustible source of energy for our needs. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panel systems offer one of the cleanest sources of green energy available. The beauty of solar PV panels is due to their solid-state structure they have no moving parts therefore virtually no maintenance is required. The electrical output from every panel is guaranteed for 20-25 years with a typical life expectancy of 50 years. 

Radical Energy installs LG Solar PV panels due to their technical innovation and manufacturing excellence. These panels give superior mechanical and impact robustness compared to other panels available. We can fit solar PV panels retrospectively to existing properties or to new buildings. Systems can be either roof-mounted or integrated into the roofline giving a smooth, more discrete profile.  

Grid-Tied Solar PV Systems 

Most of our installed solar photovoltaic systems are “grid-tied” providing a means for the customer to export electricity back to the National Grid for a financial return.  With no batteries used to store electrical energy our “grid-tied” systems offer an efficient way to use the electricity generated without the negative environmental impact. To meet the energy demand of the building electricity can be used directly from the solar PV panels or seamlessly imported or exported from the Grid.   Please note that the Government’s Feed In Tariff (FIT) scheme has now been closed for new applicants as of 1st April 2019. 

For homeowners our solar PV installations provide a green energy alternative to traditional fossil fuel-derived electricity. For commercial systems solar PV panels are a high visibility way of boosting your environmental business credentials, sending the right message to your customers. Please contact us to discuss your specific project or application so we can help advise you.