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For every installation Radical Energy offers a comprehensive service to ensure you get the very best from your new system. We recognise each of our customer’s needs and requirements are different which is why we have a flexible approach to customer care. We hope all customers/ clients become involved and understand how using sustainable energy technology can not only benefit them financially but also appreciate that it is a responsible way to deliver our energy demand.

A typical installation would normally take the following approach:


 1   Consultation

The initial consultation phase is a chance to meet one of our specialist engineers at your property. During this meeting it is a good opportunity for them to inspect the building and site and advise which technology may be right for you. Many of our customers already know what they want but there are some who are unsure and who may require some guidance. Each of our engineers is equipped to answer any technical question but should they be unable to do so we pride ourselves in replying promptly.

2   Design

Once the initial consultation is complete and a suitable renewable technology is decided upon, let us take care of all the system design. We can perform all the necessary calculations required to give you projected energy consumption or generation, ongoing fuel costs, financial returns and pay-back period for your proposed system. 

3   Quotation

At this point we will specify the equipment required for your project and give you a competitive quote for the installation work. We don’t work on a discounted structure; the price we quote is the realistic cost of the work and not artificially over-inflated, only then to be heavily discounted. 

4   Installation

Once the quotation has been agreed the installation will be scheduled and then performed by our professional team of engineers on site. It will be made clear up front how long the installation is likely to take and whether it will be necessary to obstruct access routes during the work. Should there be any other inconvenience caused this will be discussed and agreed beforehand.

5   Aftercare

Once the installation is commissioned and the system is handed over to you, we will demonstrate how to operate the controls. All documentation including commissioning reports and certification will be given to you. All systems will be set up so there should be no need to change any settings. Once our engineers have left site, should you have any queries regarding the operation of the equipment, however minor, we can always discuss it over the phone or return to show you. For some systems (eg. Biomass installations), customer training may be required over several sessions until you have the confidence to operate your system.

We will provide you with a guarantee for both the products (in some cases up to 25 years) and the installation work so, should you have a problem, you can call us directly to rectify the fault. 

6   Support

For those installations which require scheduled maintenance, we have a range of ongoing service packages tailored to your installation. Should you require a service contract we are able to access the performance of your system remotely, reducing the need for site call-outs.  

At Radical Energy all the products we install are carefully chosen to ensure the highest quality. In the event of a breakdown we work closely with our suppliers to obtain a rapid spare parts delivery service, ensuring we can meet your expectations and minimising your disruption.