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NIBE ground source heat pumps from Radical Energy are synonymous with efficiency and reliability. With 15 different types of NIBE ground source heat pumps ranging from 5 kW to 40 kW, there is a heat pump for every application whether for residential or industrial use. By using a “cascade” connection (connecting multiple heat pumps) it is possible to achieve an output of 360 kW, virtually making no installation too large. Well-regarded within the heat pump sector, NIBE ground source heat pumps are well-established products and perfect for use with our Uponor underfloor heating systems or traditional radiator circuits. 

Radical Energy can install your NIBE ground source heat pump and reduce your energy consumption by up to 75% whilst at the same time reducing your bills for heating and hot water. In addition each certified installation also qualifies for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Government-backed scheme, providing extra income or cash-back. 

Depending on site conditions, Radical Energy can install your NIBE ground source heat pump with a variety of different collector types as follows:

  • Standard linear ground collector loop
  • “Slinky-type” ground collector loop
  • Compact collectors installed in vertical or horizontal orientations
  • Watercourse collectors
  • Boreholes drilled vertically into the ground (ground probe)

We can advise the most appropriate ground collector layout suited to your specific site and ground source heat pump specification. For customers where environmental impact is a high priority you can rest assured all NIBE ground source loops are filled with a non-toxic brine solution. In the unlikely event there is a system leak you can be confident there will be minimum impact to the local ecological environment.

To see how a NIBE heat pump can help you provide a sustainable source of heating please contact us to discuss your individual project.